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Marketing and Sales

Vietnam 2012 Semester

How do you portray yourself and your business to the world? How do you tell the story of your company? How do you define your ultimate success? How do you attract the first customers and partners to your vision? How do you involve your customers and partners in your success? What are techniques to refine your messaging?

Identify and convey your positioning.
2012-08-07, 06:30 PM


Chris Harvey

I had my first management experience in 2004 when I left Yahoo! to join and built a small team. Then in 2006 I moved to Vietnam and joined VietnamWorks as CEO. Suddenly I found myself in charge of nearly 100 people in another culture. It was a big challenge. I mad...

David Tran
Cofounder, MJ Group

David is Cofounder at MJ Group

Vinnie Lauria
Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Vinnie Lauria is Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures in Singapore. Previously, he co-founded, a forum hosting service to over 100,000 communities and was acquired by CrowdGather (CRWG) in 2010. Vinnie also started the Silicon Valley NewTech meetup and gr...

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