Finding the Right Startup Business Partner

Date: 2017-05-04, 06:30 PM
Location: Erste Bank Campus, Am Belvedere 1, Vienna, 1100
Do you have an idea for a technology company, but don't have all of the skills necessary to bring the company into reality? Then join us for the 'Finding the Right Startup Business Partner' event. This event begins with a workshop to help aspiring founders understand what to look for in a co-founder, and effectively pitch their startup idea to prospective co-founders. Then, attendees speed-pitch their idea to other attendees, based on the type of co-founder they are looking for and industries they are interested in. Join us for a fun night where you can build the team to make your business happen!


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Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who is starting or planning to start a technology company
  • Anyone who is interested in co-founding or joining the team of an early stage technology company
  • Anyone interesting in learning how co-founder arrangements typically work


What is the Agenda?

  • Welcome and Socializing
  • Overview of "What to Look for in a Co-Founder"
  • Overview of "How to Effectively Pitch Your Idea" for Potential Co-Founders
  • Workshop on how to contruct a simple co-founder pitch
  • Co-Founder Speed Networking Session
  • Discussion and Drinks at a Local Bar or Restaurant


This event is free to attend. Join us for a fun evening! For more free startup events, visit


1. Registration closes on 3 May @ 6:30PM 

2. You're responsible for your own time management : On event day, your 3D-coded personal access cards can be collected at the Erste Campus reception from the Founder Institute Staff.  Card collection closes at 6:45pm sharp and we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate late-comers.

3. For logistics reasons related to meeting room access guidelines at the venue, we are unable to accommodate unregistered people and last-minute walk-ins. Only registered guests will be issued an access card.

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