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Ruta N es una corporación creada por la alcaldía de Medellín, UNE y EPM para promover el desarrollo de negocios innovadores basados en tecnología, que incrementen la competitividad de la ciudad y de la región.

Para conocer más sobre el trabajo que realiza, su razón de ser, sus principios y algunos de sus programas y proyectos, lo invitamos a navegar la siguiente multimedia que explica en detalle todos los aspectos importantes que son la base de este proyecto de ciudad. 

Cofounders, Hiring and Firing

Medellin Summer 2013 Semester

What talent do you need in the beginning to be successful? How do you recruit the first team members with extremely limited resources? How do you conduct a thorough interviewing process? How do you compensate? How do you set expectations, measure results and remove or fire under-performing resources? Do you need a cofounder? Do you need to have engineering in-house?

Recruit your first team members.
2013-07-16, 06:30 PM


Hans Fabian Wittleben
Founder, Linkofertas

Fabian Wittleben founder and CEO of, the leading promotional network in Colombia of research online buy offline. Prior Co-founder of and, daily deal website active in Denmark and Colombia Graduated in business administration at...

Lloyd Baroody
President, Tabouli Investments, LLC

Lloyd Baroody, President of Tabouli Investments, is an angel investor in a variety of startups (some technology-based) in the New York area. He has been an entrepreneur for most of his career, having co-founded a medical R&D company, building it to 200 employees and $30 ...

Jose Betancur
CEO, KZ Labs

Jose Betancur is a serial entrepreneur, founder of KZ Labs, makers of Quick Graph, the best graphic 2D and 3D calculator of the iPhone/iPad. Co-Director for the Founder Institute in Medellín - Colombia, South America and Mobile Strategy Manager for the multinational Inter...

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