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The Venture Institute, initiated by VC Lab, is the ultimate launchpad for a career in venture capital. Our aim is to train and prepare a new generation of venture capital leaders, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the industry.

Our intensive training program spans two months of comprehensive theoretical education followed by two months of practical, on-the-job experience. Moreover, we offer a series of two-month apprenticeships to our top participants, giving them hands-on experience in various roles within the venture capital realm.

The impact of our program is demonstrated by the success of our alumni who have successfully transitioned into key roles within the venture capital industry, across a multitude of firms around the world.

Who Should Apply to the Venture Institute?

The Venture Institute is designed for individuals who aspire to break into the venture capital industry. This includes those seeking an entry-level job, experienced professionals contemplating launching their own venture capital firms, or any individual wishing to deepen their understanding of the venture capital model. We focus on providing an in-depth, practical understanding of the venture capital industry, welcoming both individuals with a firm grasp on finance and those starting from scratch.

Join the Venture Institute Cohort 3

The Final Admissions Deadline for the Venture Institute Cohort 3 is December 16th, 2023. Admissions will likely close early due to high demand. After submitting the application below, you will be invited to take our Entrepreneur DNA Assessment, which is our primary method for evaluating applicants.

Let's get started

The venture capital landscape is ever-evolving, constantly presenting new opportunities for growth and innovation. It's time to be a part of this dynamic industry. The Venture Institute is here to support you every step of the way.

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