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Lead a Startup Accelerator with the Founder Institute

Become a Local Leader of the Founder Institute as a City- or as a Vertical-Focused virtual accelerator & launch global tech startups

Be Leader

in your startup ecosystem

6-8 hours

weekly time commitment


early-stage entrepreneurs

Get Equity

in the startups you help

FI is the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator

Since 2009, over 5,500 companies in 90+ countries have used the Founder Institute to build global businesses, solve big problems, raise over $1.5 billion in funding, recruit a team, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more.

Join our global FI network of 500+ Local Leaders and 25000 Mentors. We're looking for entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and startup community leaders to join Accelerator Lab - our training and onboarding program to launch and lead an accelerator.

Accelerator Lab Cohort 6 Program Details

Program Dates
Jun 30, 2022 Aug 11, 2022
Early Admissions Deadline
Jun 12, 2022
Final Admissions Deadline
Jun 26, 2022
Entrance Fee
$0 USD
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How it works

Below are the steps to launch a virtual FI accelerator and become a global startup ecosystem leader.

1. Apply to lead a City or a Vertical-Focused Accelerator

(2 hours) Tell us about your startup experience and take our Entrepreneur DNA Test. Do you want to run a City or a Vertical accelerator?

2. Refer Startup Leaders to Form Your Team

(2-4 weeks) Join a Team or form a new Team? Get 3-4 Local Leaders on board - an entrepreneur, an ecosystem leader & an operator/marketeer.

3. Start the Accelerator Lab Training & Onboarding Program

(7 weeks) Pass our training program for new Local Leaders and configure your first accelerator program, invite mentors, close partnerships.

4. Officially Launch Your Accelerator & Recruit Your Cohort

(3-4 months) Announce your accelerator and organise 5 online events with top speakers & partners from your network. Engage your ecosystem.

5. Build a Cohort of ~30 Founders & Run FI's 14-Week Program

(3,5 months) Start your first cohort with 25-30 Founders, mentor them and guide them through FI's structured company-building methodology.

6. Graduate Your First Cohort of ~10 Startups & Repeat

~30% of your Founders will successfully launch a company and you'll get equity. After 2-3 cohorts you become a top angel in your ecosystem.

Apply to the Program

Apply to the Program

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