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The Startup Glossary

Every Startup Term You Need to Know

The startup world is filled with fancy terms, near-indiscipherable slang, and some critical words that any entrepreneur simply needs to know. To help make sense of the madness, we've created a Startup Glossary with all of the most important startup-related terms. Each section of our glossary is based on a stage in the startup process - from the earliest Ideation phase to successful scaling - and contains all relevant terms for each given phase. 

  1. Startup Vision and Ideas
  2. Research and Customer Development
  3. Startup Revenue
  4. Naming and Positioning for Founders
  5. Startup Legal and IP
  6. Finding a Team and Co-Founders
  7. Lean Product Development
  8. Sales & First Customers for Your Startup
  9. Corporate Branding 
  10. Bootstrapping and Fundraising

Or, for more useful resources for startups, visit the Founder Institute blog at https://fi.co/blog.

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