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The Founder Institute startup resources list is a curated set of sources that will teach you how to build a startup from scratch. Sharing knowledge with you from the idea stage, all the way to scaling your business this is sorted chronologically to easily navigate depending on what stage you and your business is in.

Local Startup Resources

Startup ecosystems can be fragmented, and hidden to newcomers, which is detrimental for local startups and community growth. The Startup Ecosystem Canvas, from the Founder Institute, provides entrepreneurs with a sequential list of resources for every stage of their startup journey, while also outlining a framework for communities to map their ecosystem.

Idea up to Establishing a Business

Preparing Yourself to be a Leader

1.11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader - In this article, Dave Kerpen, the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, outlines 11 principles to implement to become a more successful leader.

2. 5 Business Lessons of Sporting Success - Richard Branson lists 5 indispensable business lessons that founders can take away from the world of sports.

3. How to Differentiate Good Leaders from Bad Leaders - Here, Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO at GE, lays out the qualities he looks for that separate great leaders from good leaders.

4. 6 Fundamentals Every Modern Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed - If you are looking for what it takes to survive in the world of modern entrepreneurship, this article by Graphic D-Signs CEO and Creative Director Dan Antonelli has what you need.

Creating a Great Startup Idea

1. Will it Fly? by Evan Williams - A blog post about how to evaluate a new product. - This blog post outlines a structured process of evaluating the strength of a product idea.

2. Idea Guide: Teaches what it takes to build great companies from day one. - This guide provides helpful tips and advice to consider when crafting and cultivating startup idea.

3. How to make a Million Dollar idea this weekend - Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo, lays out a simple plan to build a lucrative business in a short time.

4. Idea Evaluation Worksheet - Google Spreadsheet for you to copy and use in evaluating your three ideas - Here is a useful template to help you evaluate your startup idea.

5. Checklist: 10 Steps to a Great Startup idea - If you can check off these items, then you have a solid foundation by which to build a startup.

Cultivating your Idea: Is it bulletproof?

1. A 10-Second Method to Test the Vitality of Your Startup Idea - This article by Ilan Mochari offers a simple framework for assessing the value of a startup idea.

2. Idea Evaluation by Entrepreneur Magazine - An idea evaluation checklist. - Entrepreneur provides a useful checklist to help founders evaluate their ideas and determine if they’re worth pursuing.

3. 3 Steps to Validate Your Business Idea For FREE…almost - This article by Ilan Mochari offers a simple framework for assessing the value of a startup idea.

4. Test your Startup Idea with a Minimum Viable Transaction - Jason Shen of Percolate reveals the simplest way that entrepreneurs can identify the market need for their business.

Turning your Idea into an Actionable Plan

1. Business Model Generation Handbook - This book preview clearly lays out the necessary steps to devising a strong business model.

2. One Day Action Plan - Here, you can learn how to get over your fear of launching a business and arm yourself with the skills you need to actualize your dream company.

3. Chart Goals to Create a Road Map to Your Success - Need help getting out of your comfort zone? This Entrepreneur article will show you how setting goals will help you venture out.

Making a revenue model and monetization strategy for your company

1. Best Practices for Managing Your Costs and Revenues - In this video from the Paris Founder Institute, Nico Perez, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mixcloud, outlines the best strategies for managing revenue, costs, and profits.

2. Monetize Your Passion - Pam Moore, the founder and CEO of Marketing Nutz, shows you how you can leverage your personal talents to build a strong startup.

3. 6 Ways to Monetize Your Business and Increase Profits - Lea Richards of Pig of the Month BBQ lists several other ways to monetize a business than just selling to consumers.

4. Monetization Lab - The Monetization Lab is a free resource that explores the strategy behind monetizing web-based businesses and startups.

Establishing a Business

Start Your Own Corporation - This article shows you how to easily traverse the administrative aspects of starting a viable business.

Team Building

Finding A Co-founder

1. Don’t “Look” for a Technical Co-Founder. Earn one with these steps - Too often do founders try to just “look” a co-founder, rather than “earn” one.

2. How to Find A Co-Founder For Your Startup - You can’t be great at everything. Finding your compliment could be what drives your company to success.

3. 50 Ways to Find Co-Founders - Don’t know where to find a co-founder? You’ll definitely have some ideas after reading this

4. 34 Questions to Ask Potential Co-Founders - Jessica Alter of Cofounder Dating outlines all of the questions you need to ask.

5. A Tech Founder's Guide to Picking a Non-Tech Founder - Jessica Alter of Cofounder Dating shares a strong list of things to look for when finding a non-tech founder

6. How We Fight – Cofounders in Love and War - Steve Blank shares extremely important lessons on managing co-founders.

Defining Your Culture

1. 5 Building Blocks of Startup Culture - Even if you are still a solo founder, it matters that you establish your company culture

2. 10 Steps to a Remarkable Company Culture - Follow these 10 steps to save lots of headache in the long run

3. How to Establish a “Get Things Done” Culture for Your Startup - Culture isn’t always just about fun, it’s about getting work done as well

4. Methods for Building Employee Loyalty - If you can inspire loyalty in your employees, you can build a successful company.

Your Advisory Board

1. Why Assemble an Advisory Board? - This article, will help you understand that importance of having an advisory board for your company

2. How to Assemble a Board of Advisors - This article goes in depth about who exactly you want on your advisory board, how to find them and even how to conduct a board meeting.

3. The Founder Advisor Standard Template - This is a definitive resource on engaging advisors for your company, complete with contract to use to have your advisors sign.

Building the Best Team

1. Where do you fit in? A Founder’s Guide to Startup Roles - Before you build a team, you should know your role in your company

2. Lessons about building a team from Zuckerberg and Facebook - This article explains how Mark Zuckerberg was able to build a great team from day one

3. How to Build Your Startup Team - This article explores the trenches of making your first hires

4. How to Assemble an All-Star Team for Your Startup - This video explains how to overcome the challenge of getting great talent to work for your young company

Equity and Incentives

1. How to Split Equity with Co-Founders - Before you build a team, you should know your role in your company

2. Lessons about building a team from Zuckerberg and Facebook - This formula will ensure that both you and your co-founder are happy with your terms of working together

3. 5 Worthwhile Incentives to Attract Top Candidates - How you can offer your employees incentives, from day one

4. What Can a Startup Offer It’s First Employees? - This Quora thread compiles some amazing advice on what a startup can offer it’s first employees.

Getting started working together, who does what?

1. 9 Ways Great Companies Organize Their Teams for Success - This article explains how you can structure your startup team around solving your customer's core problem.

2. How to be a Startup CEO - This comprehensive guide compiles all that you will need to know about being a startup CEO, including valuable insight on how to organize your first team members

3. How to Configure your Startup Team - This helpful article and slideshow by VC Mark Suster discusses how you can configure your startup team pre-funding and post funding.

4. Want to Lead a Successful Startup Team? Here’s how - This article outlines how you can keep our project team aligned and focused so you can reach your company’s goals.

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