Been Busy? We've Got You Covered: Top Articles of the Week for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-04-05

Each week we scour the web for insightful articles to share with our Founder Institute network.

This week's top articles include an explanation how entrepreneurship is closely tied to creativity; why employees who solve problems make good startup founders; 100 great questions for entrepreneurs; how the Silicon Valley stereotypes are having a negative effect; and more.

Check out the best entrepreneur articles from the week of March 30th.

“Entrepreneurship… A Creative Journey” by Naveen Lakkur

Naveen Lakkur, author and serial entrepreneur, states that the entrepreneurial journey is ultimately a creative journey, one that is divided into three parts - the Start, the Drive, and the Finish - which are essential for success when building a company. In this article, he talks about how those parts are eight tasks encapsulated in four distinct phases.

If You Like Solving Problems, You’ll Love Being an Entrepreneur

On this week's Mentor Minute, Hicham Ratnani, COO/CFO & Co-Founder of online men's clothier Frank & Oak, explains why employees who like to solve problems make good entrepreneurs and describes the types of problems they might face as an early-stage founder.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Look Beyond A Mentor's Gender, Race And Age

Writing for Forbes Magazine, Bert Gervais, founder of Success Mentor Education, talks about how entrepreneurs should look past certain stereotypes and simply try to find the best mentor for their endeavors. He talks about the blind spots people have and the opportunities they are missing out on.

100 Great Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask

Over on Inc., Leigh Buchanan has put together an extensive list of 100 questions that top business leaders, including Paul Graham, Jim Collins, and Tony Hsieh believe you should be asking if you want to improve your company.

How the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Stereotype Is Killing Entrepreneurship

There has been a lot of talk about Silicon Valley stereotypes recently, and on, Sheena Lindahl adds her voice to the discussion, with an article talking about how the various stereotypes are actually hurting the entrepreneurial industry. She breaks down the various types of entrepreneurs and how they all have a respectable place in the market.

Entrepreneurs Can’t Do It Without The Right Team

On his blog Startup Professionals Musings, Marty Zwilling, says entrepreneurs are normally highly creative and innovative, but interestingly, many innovative people are not entrepreneurs. He says, "Since it takes a team of people to build a great company, the challenge is to find that small percentage of innovative people, and then nurture the tendency, rather than stifle it."


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