In Case You Missed It: This Week’s Must-Read Articles for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-03-22

Each week we scour the web for insightful articles to share with the Founder Institute network.

This week's top articles include a strong attempt to answer the question of what rising startups should focus on; a Mentor Minute with Phil Libin who says that your startup idea should almost be impossible to execute; why most startups get stuck in the early stages; and five up-and-coming technology trends entrepreneurs need to pay attention to; and more.

Check out our must-read articles for the week of March 16th.

Growth vs. profit: What should rising startups focus on first?

Over on The Next Web, Chicago Founder Institute mentor George Deeb dissects the complicated answer to the difficult question on what rising startups should focus on. He goes into detail with high level advice and real-world examples on successful strategies.

Your Startup Idea Should Almost Be Impossible

In this episode of the Mentor Minute, Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote explains how to figure out when it is the best time to commit to a startup idea and why any other time is just not worth it. According to Phil, "Wait until the world changes, so an important problem goes from being impossible to just being really hard, and then execute."

JUMP: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing Your Business

The team over at Grasshopper blog have put together a very helpful and comprehensive guide on the basics and fundamentals to consider and use when you are starting a new business for the first time.

Most Startups Get Stuck In The Early Struggle Stage

CEO and Founder of Startup Professionals Inc., Martin Zwilling says, "Every startup wants to be a predictable success, yet so few ever achieve this enviable position." He details five key characteristics every startup should emulate in order to maximize their chance at success.

Scrap Your Marketing Department and Hire a Data Geek [Infographic]

Catherine Clifford of Entrepreneur Magazine shares a helpful infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology which makes a compelling argument for the hiring of a data analyst within your marketing department. As Catherine says, "The way we all live on screens connected to the Internet means that companies have access to more data about their consumers than ever before."

10 Great Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

In this article on the Startup Collective, Sujan Patel provides ten great productivity apps for entrepreneurs. Sujan says, "If there’s one thing most entrepreneurs wish they could create more of, it’s time." Check out his list to find out the best way to accomplish this.

Five Up-And-Coming Tech Trends For Entrepreneurs

Writing for Forbes, Robert Sofia, co-founder and COO of Platinum Advisor Strategies, lists five up-and-coming trends that all entrepreneurs need to consider and research. The list includes self-directed learning, DIY web technology, high-ticket gadgets, content creation services, and B2B marketing consulting.


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