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Leading Entrepreneurs Mentoring Lisbon Founder Institute Spring Semester

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-05-15

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs participate in weekly training and feedback sessions that are led by Founder Institute Mentors. 

Our Mentors provide the passion, experience, and support that helps our Founders launch meaningful and enduring companies.

Rather than bringing in consultants and academics who teach theory, we bring in experienced Founders and CEOs to give our companies the most relevant and valuable advice. In a confidential setting, they share horror stories, best practices, and realistic feedback to help our Founders avoid "rookie mistakes" and be successful.   

In the upcoming Lisbon Autumn 2016 Semester, we have secured a truly exceptional roster of Founder Institute Mentors, including many from out of town.

See the full list below;

  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Alexandre Barbosa: Managing Partner, Faber
  • Antonio Ferreira: CEO, Lunacloud
  • Ben Larson: Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Gateway Incubator
  • Carlos DaSilva: Director, Founder Institute Portugal
  • Carlos Silva: COO, Seedrs
  • Carlos Da Silva: Director, Founder Institute Portugal
  • Claudia Ranito: CEO, Medbone
  • Cristina Fonseca: Co-Founder, TalkDesk
  • Daniel Vila Boa: Managing Partner & Founder, Chilltime
  • Diederik Stols: Partner, Boekx Advocaten
  • Diogo Teles: Head of Product, Faber Ventures
  • Diogo Chalbert: Board, Capital Criativo
  • Diogo Guerra: Senior Vice President of Product Development, Feedzai
  • Euclides Major
  • Filipa Bastos: Partner, Grupo Your
  • Guilherme Lopes: CEO & Founder
  • João Felix: CEO, Mobiag
  • João De Sousa Aroso: Executive Director, Paginas Amarelas
  • João de Travassos: Partner, Travassos, Albuquerque & Associados
  • João Brazão: CEO, BrainTrust SGPS
  • Jose Almeida
  • José Guerreiro De Sousa: Principal, Espírito Santo Ventures
  • Luis Baptista Coelho: VP Business Development, NDrive Navigation Systems
  • Luís Pedro Martins: CEO and Co-Founder at Zaask, Zaask
  • Luis Baptista Coelho: VP International Partnerships, Yext
  • Marco Fernandes: Director, PME Investimentos
  • Mario Mouraz: Founder & CEO, Climber Hotel
  • Michael Clark: Michael Clark - Co-founder, (Denver FI), VSCO
  • Miguel Porto Monteiro: CEO, FixeAds (,,
  • Miguel Ribeiro: CEO, CEO - NVESPRI S.A.
  • Paulo Andrez: President, EBAN - European Business Angels Network
  • Paulo Rosado: CEO, Outsystems
  • Pedro Janela: CEO, WYGroup
  • Pedro Moura: CEO, Mobizy
  • Pedro Ribeiro Santos: Executive Director , ES Ventures
  • Pedro Bizarro: Chief Science Officer, Feedzai
  • Pedro Santos: Co-founder, All-desk
  • Pedro Falcão: Managing Partner, LC Ventures
  • Ricardo Vilares: CEO, MYGON / GOCAR Tours
  • Rogério Do Ó: Partner, eggNEST
  • Serge Rodrigues: CEO, Izideal
  • Sergio Carvalho: Founder and CEO, Megamedia
  • Sergio Pereira: Founder,
  • Stewart Noakes
  • Tiago Borges: Owner and Board Member, Inosat
  • Vasco Silva: Founder, ByClosure
  • Vasco Pedro: Cofounder
  • Ziv Gillat: Co-Founder, Eye-Fi & Forq

  • And many more to be announced. 
                                     We hope you will join us in Lisbon and launch a company in 2014.

Leading Entrepreneurs Mentoring Lisbon Founder Institute Spring Semester

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