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Ruta N es una corporación creada por la alcaldía de Medellín, UNE y EPM para promover el desarrollo de negocios innovadores basados en tecnología, que incrementen la competitividad de la ciudad y de la región.

Para conocer más sobre el trabajo que realiza, su razón de ser, sus principios y algunos de sus programas y proyectos, lo invitamos a navegar la siguiente multimedia que explica en detalle todos los aspectos importantes que son la base de este proyecto de ciudad. 

FI Grad Litesprite Develops Smartphone Games that Fight Stress, featured on King5

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-02-27

Adults looking for a simple yet effective approach to fighting anxiety, stress, or depression, may want to check out Litesprite, a startup that designs smartphone games that tackle chronic mental health problems. The story was covered on by Renay San Miguel.

Litesprite and its founders, Swatee Surve and Neil Mc Farland, are Graduates of the Seattle Founder Institute.

The prototype of Litesprite's first game, SinaSprite, incorporated evidence-based treatment methods into the gameplay, becoming a first-of-its-kind self-help tool for mental health and winning praise from doctors in the process. The player's progress is tracked, allowing clinicians and caregivers to access the information and address the stress symptoms of the player. Litesprite is currently seeking angel investors and partners, and hopes to create a suite of games that focus on various other health conditions.

For more information on Litesprite, be sure to check out their official website.

FI Grad Litesprite Develops Smartphone Games that Fight Stress, featured on King5

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