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Early Applications for the Hyderabad Founder Institute Due Sunday

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-05-09

The Founder Institute, the world's largest startup accelerator, is preparing to launch a very promising Hyderabad Summer 2016 Semester.

We have many great startup mentors confirmed, and impressive founders are beginning to enroll in the program as well. But, time is running out to apply. 

This Sunday (2016-05-08) is the Early Application Deadline. If you apply by Sunday, you get to take the Predictive Admissions Test for free ($50 value), and are also eligible to receive one of several Founder Institute Fellowships.

If you could use expert training and advice to launch a technology startup in Hyderabad, then apply today.

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. Plus, aspiring founders are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can 

Leading the Founder Institute’s efforts in Hyderabad are Ramesh Loganathan (Center Head at Progress Software-Hyderabad Labs) and Srinivas Kollipara (COO of the IIIT-H Foundation).

In addition, participants in Hyderabad will receive expert training and feedback from an impressive list of mentors, including; 

  • Abhishek Srivastava: Investment Professional, Ventureast Tenet
  • Ajay Jain: Chief Innovation Officer, Gray Matters India
  • Ajay Kolla: Founder & CEO,
  • Bipin Pendyala: Founder & MD , SuVitas Holistic Healthcare
  • Chaitanya C
  • Dileep Mangsuli: CEO, GE Technology Center
  • Hersh Haladker: Founder, instillmotion consulting pvt. ltd.
  • J Ramachandran: CEO , Gramener
  • Jeetendra Joshi: CMO, martjack Enterprises
  • Krishna Lakamsani: Chairman, Lakamsani Group
  • Krishna Tammireddy: CSO ( Chief Sales Officer ), JunoTele
  • Madhu Avalur: Founder & CEO, Angaros Group
  • Murali Bukkapatnam: CEO & Managing Director,
  • Murali Kakarla: Founder & CEO, Innobox
  • Naidu Darapaneni: Founder & C.E.O, Versant Online Solutions (MeraEvents)
  • Naveen Gattu: Co-Founder & COO, Gramener
  • Percy Italia: Founder & Partner, Italia & Associates
  • Pradeep Mittal: Executive Chairman
  • Prasad Ikkurthy: Director, Navlok Ventures
  • Prasad Vanga: Founder & Chief Accelerator, Anthill Ventures
  • Prasanna Boni: Co-founder COO, Edutor Technologies
  • Raju Vanapala: Founder & CEO,
  • Rakesh Bhatia: Mentor / Investor
  • Ramesh Rao: Partner, Aquila Partners LLC
  • Raviprasad Pisupati: Co-founder and Managing Partner
  • Rimpal Chawla: Founder & CEO
  • Ripul Kumar: CEO, Kern UX
  • Sachin Tummala: Managing Director, Corpus Group
  • Safir Adeni: Managing Partner, Ineda Venture Group
  • Sanjay Jesrani: Founder & CEO, Go North Ventures
  • Santha John: Founder Director, CoachLife
  • Satish Madhira: CEO, ZeMoSo Labs
  • Sharat Chandra K: CEO, Butterfly Fields
  • Sreedhar Peddineni: Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering, Gainsight
  • Sri Peddu: Managing Director, Powerhouse Ventures
  • Srini Chandupatla: Co-Founder & COO, Manjeera Digital Systems
  • Syama Peela: Director & Partner , Evoke Technologies
  • Tom Thomas: COO, IIIT-H Foundation
  • Viiveck Verma: Cofounder, Anaptyxi People Consult Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vijay Gummadi: Founder & CEO, CarZ
  • Vijay Chandrasekaran: Product Architect, Zemoso Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Vineel Nalla: Vineel Nalla, NBOS Technologies
  • Yalla Veera Prakash: Director, Wooqer

  • And many more to be announced. 

In only 8 years of operation, over 2,300 graduate companies across 170 cities have used the Founder Institute to validate their idea, develop their plans, refine their product, build an advisory board, prepare for seed funding, and more.  

                                  We hope you will join us in Hyderabad and launch a company in 2014.

Early Applications for the Hyderabad Founder Institute Due Sunday

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