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Denver Founder Institute Confirms Top Local Entrepreneurs as Mentors

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-04-30

The Founder Institute, the World's Largest Startup Accelerator, is in the final stage of testing demand for opening a new chapter in Denver for the Summer of 2014.  

The testing phase ends soon (2017-09-27), so if you'd like to help bring this great program to Denver, please fill out this form today and spread the word. It only takes five minutes, and there is no obligation.

Over the last few weeks, the feedback we have received in Denver has been positive, and we have received a large amount of support from local startup and economic development organizations. In addition, we have reached out to some of the area's top technology entrepreneurs to support the program. 

We are humbled by the list of top local and global entrepreneurs that have pledged their support to mentor new companies in a Denver Founder Institute program. 

This list of entrepeneurs includes: 

  • A J Cohen: COO, Chaise™ by Mental Affect, LLC
  • Adam Greenbaum: CEO + Founder, WhiskerCloud, Greenbaum Digital, iBostonTerrier
  • Anke Corbin: Anke Corbin - Founder, CEO (Denver FI), Globig
  • Arjun Pillai: Head of Data Strategy, FullContact Inc
  • Aubrey Boggs: Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, Colorado Mental Wellness Network
  • Beth Prendergast: Principal, Impact Legal Solutions
  • Bob Paulsen: CEO, PlayerLync
  • Bradley Brown: Bradley Brown - CEO, InteliVideo (Denver FI) , InteliVideo
  • Brian Brown: Co-Founder and Consulting CTO, Broadnet
  • Brian Parks: Managing Director, P2Binvestor
  • Chris Snook: Chris J Snook - Managing Partner/Venture Catalyst in Residence, Launch Haus (Denver FI), Launch Haus (
  • Chuck Blakeman: Founder, CEO, Crankset Group
  • Dan Daugherty: Founder & CEO,
  • Danny Newman: CEO, Roximity
  • Dave Harris, Rockies Venture Club
  • Dave Mayer: CEO, Technical Integrity
  • Denise Hulce: Denise Hulce - VP, Sales and Business Development (Denver FI)
  • Ed Powers: Principal, Service Excellence Partners
  • Elliott Fey: Managing Director, The Alteri Fund
  • Eric Laughlin: Founder & CEO, Robotly (
  • Erik Mitisek: Co-Founder, NextGreatPlace, Inc.
  • Frank Traylor: Principal, Zero Creek
  • Gary Gaessler: VP Sales, Nventify
  • Jeff Schell
  • Jeffrey Thomas: Attorney, Thomas Law LLC
  • Jim Franklin: CEO, SendGrid
  • Joel Flom: Co-Founder, Frontside
  • John Allen: John Allen - CEO, Fluorofinder (Denver FI) , Fluorofinder
  • Jon Nordmark: Jon Nordmark - CEO, (Denver FI) , (Wambo, eBags)
  • Josh Dorkin: CEO, BiggerPockets
  • Josh Pierce: CEO
  • Josh Whitaker: Chief Problem Solver, TeamMaryjane
  • Julia Gentry: Owner - Business Trainer & Coach, Crankset Group - Ideal Homes
  • Kevin Fallon: Managing Partner, Breosla LLC
  • Kristen Darga: Personal Executive Coach | Speaker | Innovator | Visionary | Health Coach, INHC, Impact Founder
  • Lance Powers: Chief Chaotic Officer, Sigmend
  • Manny Ladis: Co-Founder, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Dizzion, Inc.
  • Mark Geene: CEO
  • Mark Roebke: Founder, FretLabs
  • Mark Pougnet: COO, Wazee Digital
  • Matt Frary: Founder,
  • Matt Phillips: Speaker, Author, & High Performance Coach, Pro Athlete Advantage
  • Matt Holmes
  • Michael Clark: Michael Clark - Co-founder, (Denver FI), VSCO
  • Michael Tognetti: Senior Vice President and General Counsel, SendGrid, Inc.
  • Michael Margolis
  • Mike Stemple: Mike Stemple - Founder, Inspirer (Denver FI) , Inspirer
  • Mike Fleck: CEO, co-founder, CipherPoint Software, Inc.
  • Mollie Rusher: President/CEO, On3 Sofware
  • Nichole Montoya: CEO, Cheddar Up
  • Nora Abell: Owner , RevenueTribe
  • Otto Hanson: Attorney, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP
  • Peter Adams: Managing Director, Rockes Venture Fund
  • Raphael Martorello: Managing Partner, LotusGroup Advisors
  • Ray Schiavone: CEO, Quark
  • Rob Rusher: CTO, On3 Software
  • Roy Bingham: CEO, BDS Analytics
  • Ryan Howell: Business Lawyer, Rubicon
  • Ryan Sullivan: CEO, Parkifi
  • Ryan Holoubek
  • Ryan Arney: Partner, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP
  • Scott Yates: Co-Founder, CEO, BlogMutt
  • Scott Caruso: Entrepreneur, Mentor, Business Advisor, HotSpare
  • Stacie Shaw
  • Todd McWhirter: Managing Partner, Oldham Beckley Investment Group
  • Trent Martinet: Partner, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

  • And many more to be announced. 


In the Founder Institute's structured, step-by-step program, these mentors will provide promising startup entrepreneurs in Denver with expert feedback and support to build their companies. In addition, participants are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can begin building a business around their ideas without putting their livelihood at risk.

If we get enough demand to officially launch a Denver Founder Institute chapter, then we will secure approximately 10 - 20 additional mentors. In fact, in most Founder Institute semesters the ratio of Mentors to Founders is greater than 1:1. 

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 170 cities and 60 countries, the Founder Institute has helped launch over 2,300 companies form and improve their business ideas, develop their marketing strategy, create an advisory board, recruit co-founders, improve their pitch, launch a product, prepare to raise capital, bootstrap to profitability, generate revenue, and more. 


Help bring this world-renowned program to Denver and fill out an Interest Form today.


Denver Founder Institute Confirms Top Local Entrepreneurs as Mentors

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