You are the Most Dangerous Person in the Room, by @Justin_Wilcox

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2013-10-30

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Drawing from the old saying “when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose”, Justin Wilcox encourages founders to recognize their most powerful asset in the early stages of starting up. He says by having nothing to lose, you are the most dangerous person in the room.

Justin Wilcox is the CTO of Nimbus Health, an electronic health record and release platform.  In addition to running Nimbus, he is one of the Founder Institute's most dedicated mentors. Join Justin this Thursday in Zagreb, where he will be hosting a Customer Development Workshop.

While larger companies take risks with every decision, the founder who lacks employees, customers, lawyers, and so on, has the ability to hack their way to obtaining customers, profit and growing their company. Without significant liability they have the unique advantage to take risks and try new strategies, without the fear of exponential loss or failure.

If you are interested hearing more from Justin, join him this Thursday, October 31, in Zagreb, where he will be hosting an exclusive Customer Development Workshop. At this special workshop, Justin will visit from Silicon Valley to guide local aspiring entrepreneurs through exercises geared towards helping you define your target market and identify who and where your customers are.

Whether you have built and sold multiple companies or are simply interested in learning more about startups, check out our event calendar to attend an event near you. Visit for more information.


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