Adeo Ressi Weighs in on the Belgian #Startup Scene with @Datanews_nl

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-12-13

While visiting several of our European chapters, Adeo Ressi stopped in Belgium to speak with Frederik Tibau of Data News. The article, “Adeo Ressi: 'De volgende Facebook komt uit Europa'” features the interview where Ressi talks about expanding Europe’s startup ecosystem, and why cities like Brussels and Berlin have become hotspots for entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses.

After explaining how the Founder Institute operates and why it’s a keen opportunity for aspiring European founders, Ressi weighs in on how he views Europe’s promising startup scene. A firm believer in the idea that challenges bring out the best in people, Ressi says that he is confident that entrepreneurs can be successful, regardless of a country’s economic state.

Lastly, Ressi and interviewer Tibau discuss the differences between Silicon Valley and the local startup ecosystem in Belgium. He says that Instead of trying to reproduce a Silicon Valley-type environment abroad, it's the culture of helping fellow entrepreneurs that should be emulated.

To learn more about the Founder Institute in Brussels read the article (in Dutch) on Data News.

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