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EventStir Launches Public Platform Just in Time for Holiday Party Planning

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-12-11

EventStir, a graduate from our Washington DC chapter, recently announced the launch of their public platform. Now, just in time for the holidays, you can plan your next event without the annoyance of dealing with IOUs from flaky friends or buying tickets to a deserted New Years Eve party. The news was featured in TechCocktail recently in a post entitled "EventStir Launches Publicly for Crowdfunding Events" by Kira M. Newman.

Essentially crowfunding for events, EventStir redefines event management. Instead of worrying about collecting payments or being left with an empty venue, EventStir ensures that all goals are met before proceeding.

Co-Founder Sajad Ghanizada says “Coming out of college, my cofounder Andrew and I realized that people weren’t hosting creative and exciting group events out of fear that there would be no interest. Events among friends included choices that were always bland:  dinners, happy hours, and house parties. We want to give organizers the ability to test their wild event ideas before incurring any cost.”

Since their beta test in March, over 100 events have been planned using the service, and with the launch of the public product, EventStir anticipates thousands more will look to their service to plan their next holiday party or weekend getaway. The team was also named one of the hottest startups at last month’s TechCocktail DCWeek mixer and startup showcase, which you can read about here.

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