Paul Watts, CEO of Seattle FI Grad @Gatherball Featured on @GeekWire

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-12-10

Paul Watts, the CEO of Seattle FI graduate, Gatherball recently sat down with GeekWire’s Jeff Dickey, the host of Nextcast for a quick Q&A session. Curious about Watts’ interest and view on technology, Dickey inquires about Watts’ background and what led him to the Silicon Valley startup scene. Originally a Philosophy major, Paul Watts says he realized he had talent and a genuine interest in technology, so he switched his major to computer science and the rest is history.


He says that “learning, solving problems, and ultimately building something new that people love” is what drives him. He continues with, “If you’ve ever been hugged by someone you don’t know because of software you've created, it changes the way you think about what you're doing.”

To hear more from Paul Watts, watch the latest episode of Nextcast below where he talks about how Gatherball survived its first big pivot, the future of trip planning, and how he’s working on getting more women and minorities involved in computer science. And of course, don't forget to read the full article on GeekWire.



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