Great Startup Mentors Confirmed for the Hanoi Founder Institute

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-06-19

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs participate in weekly training and feedback sessions that are led by Founder Institute Mentors. 

Our Mentors provide the passion, experience, and support that helps our Founders launch meaningful and enduring companies.

Rather than bringing in consultants and academics who teach theory, we bring in experienced Founders and CEOs to give our companies the most relevant and valuable advice. In a confidential setting, they share horror stories, best practices, and realistic feedback to help our Founders avoid "rookie mistakes" and be successful.   

In the upcoming Hanoi Spring 2016 Semester, we have secured a truly exceptional roster of Founder Institute Mentors, including many from out of town.

See the full list below;

  • Aaron Everhart: MR, HATCH! PROGRAM
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Adrian Stewart: Partner, Galaxy Ventures Co., Ltd
  • Binh Pham: Legal Director, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  • Bobby Liu: Founder, HubIT
  • Christian Schaefer: Managing Partner, Asia Counsel
  • Cong Phung Tien: Founder & CEO,
  • Diep Nguyen Ngoc: Founder & CEO,
  • Do Tuan Anh: Founder & CEO, Appota
  • Duc Tran: General Partner, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  • Duc Trieu Tran: Founder & CEO, CMC InfoSec
  • Duc Tran Huu: Investment Director, FPT Ventures
  • Dung Tran: Founder & CEO, MOG
  • Dung Le Chi: Director, CMC Fund
  • Duong Do: Founder & CEO, Toong coworking space
  • Eddie Thai: Venture Partner, 500 Startups
  • Hajime Hotta: President
  • Hong Thanh Nguyen Khoa: Co-Founder & COO, Emerald - Linked by Isobar
  • Hung Dinh: Founder & CEO, Joomlart
  • Hung Tran: Founder & CEO, GotIt!
  • Hung Pham: CEO & Founder, TechElite Inc.
  • Huy Bui: CFO, NhomMua
  • Jonah Levey: Founder, VietnamWorks
  • Kuo Yi Lim: Managing Director, Monk's Hill Ventures
  • Lien Nguyen: Corporate Development, APPOTA Corp
  • Linh Truong: Co-founder/ Vice CEO,
  • Luan Nhan The: Founder & CEO, NCT Corporation
  • Lưu Văn Quảng: Founder & CEO, Vee Group
  • Ly Nguyen Hoang: Founder & CEO, Payoo
  • Matthew Harp: Vietnam Representative, Unitus Impact Fund
  • Matthew Badalucco: Vice President, Catcha Ventures
  • Minh Cao Cong: PR Director, Co-Founder
  • Nam Nguyen Thanh: Co-Founder & Ex-CEO, FPT Corporation
  • Nguyen Dang Cong: Founder & CEO, Eway Corp
  • Nguyen Hoa Binh: Founder & CEO, PeaceSoft
  • Nguyễn Khánh Trình: Founder & CEO, CleverAds
  • Nguyen Manh Dung: Head of Vietnam and Thailand, CyberAgent Ventures
  • Nguyen Manh Quan: Vice President, Inspire Ventures
  • Nguyễn Minh Quang: Vice President, Mwork
  • Nguyễn Thanh Hà: Lawyer, Chairman, Managing Partner, S&B Law
  • Phan Sao Nam: Founder & CEO, VTC Online
  • Phan Thanh Giản: Director, FPT Telecom
  • Quan MT: Founder & CEO, Beeketing
  • Quang Duong Huu: Founder & CEO, TOPICA Native
  • Quỳnh Phương (Lana) Dương: Senior Associate, NSI Ventures
  • Ryu Hirota: Principal, IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd.
  • Saikit Ng: Executive Director, Captii Ventures
  • Shuyin Tang: Principal, Unitus Impact
  • Son Tran: Chairman & CEO,
  • Steve Ngo: CEO, SimiCart
  • Takeshi Ebihara: General Partner, Rebright Partners / Batavia Incubator
  • Tam Phan Minh: Founder & CEO, 24H
  • Toan Pham Minh: Founder & CEO, Time Universal
  • Tra Nguyen: Branch Director, Asia Counsel
  • Trung Nguyen Thanh: Founder & CEO, TOPICA Native
  • Truong Nguyen Hong: VP Business&Technology Development, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  • Tuan Pham: Tuan Pham - Founder and Chairman, TOPICA (Ho Chi Minh City FI) , TOPICA Native
  • Victor Chua: Investment Director, Gobi Partners
  • Vinnie Lauria: Founding Partner
  • Warren Leow: Vice President, 123RF
  • Đỗ Hoài Nam: Founder & CEO, SeeSpace/ InAir

  • And many more to be announced. 
                                     We hope you will join us in Hanoi and launch a company in 2014.

Great Startup Mentors Confirmed for the Hanoi Founder Institute

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