Jakarta (Soon-to-be) Grad @OnePouch Launches First Product

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-10-15

As mobile conveniences continue to integrate themselves into nearly every aspect of our lives, even the simplest of concepts are migrating their way out of our wallets, and into our phones. As a result, the days of  customer loyalty stamp cards are numbered, thanks to companies like Jakarta Founder Institute (soon-to-be) grad Pouch. Created by Easy Touch, Pouch is a platform that allows customers to ‘turn their phones into digital loyalty cards’ and collect points when making purchases at participating businesses.  Obtaining points is as simple as scanning a merchant specific barcode, which can later be exchanged for rewards. 

To celebrate the launch of Pouch, the team invaded one of Jakarta’s largest shopping malls and took to the kiosks and restaurants to demonstrate the product to consumers. Their bright yellow t-shirts, oh-so appropriate kangaroo mascot, and some added press coverage with the support of local celebrities made the event a hugely successful. 
With a solid head-start and a strong team, Pouch is already well on its way to securing a stronghold in the mobile app marketplace, and plans to register over 300 merchants in Jakarta alone by the end of 2012.  
Click here to read more about Pouch and be sure to watch the launch video below to check out the team in action. 



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