Silicon Valley Grad @Retailigence Featured on @Xconomy to Talk New Advances in Mobile Advertising

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-10-15

As the use of smartphones continues to increase exponentially, mobile advertising is beginning to take hold. Silicon Valley graduate Retailigence, a three year old startup that powers location-based shopping solutions has been paying attention to this movement for several years, and has since developed a new API that aims to improve the way businesses target customers on the go. As a pioneer in the “online to offline” or O2O commerce sphere, Retailigence was recently featured on Xconomy to give readers some insight into the direction their mobile advertising platform is headed and the future of localized marketing. 

So what sets Retailigence's AdPop apart from similar platforms? According to CEO Jeremy Geiger “There’s nobody that has access to this data that we have that allows us to show local product availability…Brands are spending billions of dollars making people aware of products, but then it stops; there is nothing beyond that. Worse than that, nobody knows the ROI on any billboard or any magazine ad. Imagine if, through Retailigence, we could add to any advertisement a bit of data that not only drives people to stores but lets us track who went and what they bought. That is powerful and that is what we can enable.”

Retailigence collects real time data, the user’s geographic location, and shows local product availability, ultimately furthering the personalization of advertisements. Sound familiar? It doesn’t just stop there; With Retailigence, once the use of mobile payments increase in polularity, retailers will eventually be able to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement when the product is purchased through mobile payment. Needless to say, this data could be useful in any situation where product information is being delivered in digital form and location data is available and isn't restricted to mobile web ads. 

To learn more about Retailigence, read the full story here

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