San Diego Grad @Fashion_Change Launches Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-10-10

San Diego grad Fashioning Change has been making headlines lately with the launch of their own clothing line, KCA. Behind the initiative is Adriana Hererra, who founded Fashioning Change with an aim to disrupt the fashion industry by providing consumers with eco-friendly versions of specific garments and styles they like. The Southern California based startup originated with a focus on suggesting alternatives, however, they’ve now taken matters into their own hands. With KCA, the eco-friendly consumer can shop confidently with full transparency in regards to the product’s country of origin, materials used, and the ethical treatment of persons involved in the process. 

Hererra says that “a purchase is a vote for the practices of the company we buy from and that each purchase connects me to people and places around the world. Growing up with that unique lens on the world always left me questioning what a purchase was connecting me to.” KCA makes this connection seamless, and virtually tells a story with each product purchased, raising the bar for how shoppers engage with their clothing. 

This new level of involvement has been a rising trend in the fashion industry and beyond, and is enabling consumers to make more informed decisions; ultimately revolutionizing the way they conceptualize and go about shopping.  With Fashioning Change’s KCA, this might not even be a difficult transition, as most items cost less than or are on par with prices of other popular brands, and are all comprised of organic cotton and hemp. For the full scoop check out the announcement on ecouterre as well as  KVC's introductory line for men, women, and babies. To celebrate the launch Fashioning Change is offering 10% Off KCA with the Pre Sale Promo code: KCA4GOOD



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