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FI Grad Visiobike Creates iPhone-Controlled Bike, Featured on TechCrunch

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-06-05

Visiobike has created what may very well be the world’s most hi-tech bike, featuring an assortment of gadgets that would make Batman jealous. News of Visiobike’s gizmo-packed two-wheeler was covered by John Biggs in a TechCrunch article titled The iPhone-Controlled Visiobike Will Take You For A Ride.

Visiobike and its Founder Marko Matenda are Graduates of the Zagreb Founder Institute.

Constructed of carbon fiber and featuring a smartphone dock, the Visiobike comes complete with special software that includes a speedometer, transmission control, and other geeky but oh-so-cool surprises. This electric/mechanical hybrid also utilizes battery assist to help you up hills, as well as an automatic transmission system that ensures minimal battery use.

For the safety minded, Visiobike also features a camera in the seat for rear-facing views of traffic and for recording if someone rear-ends you. With disc brakes, automatic safety lights, and a unique three minute recording feature that shows you what happened in an accident, the Visiobike lets you cruise with style and security.

Because of the $5k+ price tag, the Visiobike may not be for the casual rider, but will definitely appeal to those interested in the future of pedal-assist and electric bikes.

For more info on Visiobike, be sure to check out their official website. Don’t forget to show your love by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign, as well!

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