Are Startup Incubators Worth Your Time?

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-06-05

There is no "one right way" to build a company. 

As a result, entrepreneurs seeking guidance will always be given contradictory advice on how to build their business, from both "experts" and the uninformed alike. Ultimately, it is up to the entrepreneur to evaluate the opinions they receive and pursue the path they feel is best for them. 

The Startup Lean presents two differing viewpoints on key entrepreneurial topics for you to decide which way you lean.

This week's topic centers on startup incubators;

This Week's Topic:
Are Startup Incubators Valuable?

"Many incubators offer tangible resources such as accounting assistance, office space, and legal guidance. Having this business infrastructure in place allows the startup to focus on what matters most--the core business (and not the mundane, day-to-day administrative responsibilities)."

- Matthijs Keij (Co-Founder & CEO, FlxOne)
4 Major Benefits Of Startup Incubators

"When building a company, time is your only asset and 'incubator work' is not only a waste of your time, but it makes you feel like you are making good progress which means you don't even realize how big of a waste of time it is."

- Lucas Carlson (Founder, AppFog)
Incubators are Bullsh*t

Which Way Do You Lean?

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