FI Grad DigitalGroundUp Teams with Facebook to Create Educational Courses

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-05-29

DigitalGroundUp has just announced a collaboration with Facebook at the 2014 Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) Conference, held in San Diego.

DigitalGroundUp, an interactive technology platform that teaches digital marketing through experiential online courses, is a Graduate of the Chicago Founder Institute.

Through this unique collaboration with Facebook’s Global Vertical Strategy Team, DigitalGroundUp will create a series of courses designed to educate small to medium-sized companies in the financial services industry. These proprietary courses are tailored specifically to address the social media and paid advertising challenges that exist within the highly regulated financial services industry.

Small businesses in financial services need an online presence, and I’m thrilled DigitalGroundUp can provide courses to help SMBs conquer Facebook fan Pages, advertising and more.” - Reva Minkoff, Founder and President of DigitalGroundUp.

The courses offered will cover a range of topics, including cost-per-click bidding, A/B testing, regulations for advertising financial services, driving mobile adoption through Facebook for financial services companies, ad targeting, and more, with new topics added regularly. As a bonus, users will have the opportunity have questions answered by members of the DigitalGroundUp and Facebook support team as necessary, resulting in unparalleled specificity and access.

At Facebook, we strive to deliver exceptional resources and customer service for businesses of all sizes. Through our collaboration with DigitalGroundUp, we can help financial service SMBs achieve success on Facebook.” - Neil Hiltz, Head of Global Financial Services Strategy for Facebook.

For more information on DigitalGroundUp and their services, check out their official site.

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