FI Grad Udemy Raises $32 million, Featured on TechCrunch

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-05-10

Earlier this week, Udemy closed a $32 million Series C funding round, bringing their total up to $48 million. News of the impressive payday was covered by Natasha Lomas in a TechCrunch article titled Online Learning Marketplace Udemy Raises $32M To Scale Up Internationally.

Udemy and its Founders, Gagan Biyani and Eren Bali, are Graduates of the Bay Area Founder Institute.

A major fixture in the online learning space, Udemy separates itself apart from other web-based educational services by allowing individuals with skills to sell to create and upload courses. Udemy’s courses also primarily focus on the skills workers need to remain employable, and less on the theoretical content offered by traditional academic institutions.

With this new boost in funds, Udemy hopes to expand its already expansive services throughout the world. This money will also be used to advance additional product developments, including continued development of its course creation tools, and ensure a smooth experience on mobile and other platforms.

We want to make the availability of Udemy as wide as possible… making sure that integration with our core experience is as good as possible, not only within mobile but whether it’s with some of the other large consumer web platforms and then moving on beyond mobile - maybe the TV platforms as well in the future.” - Dennis Yang, CEO of Udemy

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