CrowdPitch Sneak Peek: Adeo Reviews Two Founder Showcase Pitches

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-05-09

In addition to the Founder Showcase’s Free Pitch Competition, anyone who attends the event has a chance to pitch onstage to hundreds of SIlicon Valley investors and press with the CrowdPitch Competition. All you have to do is submit the best one-sentence pitch!

Since we started the CrowdPitch Competition at the 13th Founder Showcase, both winners closed a significant funding round in the months after the Showcase - including UpOut, who went on to raise $850,000, and Knightscope, who went on to raise $1 million

So far over 25 people have submitted pitches, and as we get closer to the submission deadline on Tuesday May 13th, we thought it would be fun if Adeo Ressi (Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute) reviewed two of the submitted pitches. So, we selected the top vote recipient ("AutoCareBids"), and then randomly selected another pitch ("Enterprise Question Answering Software").

See Adeo's feedback below;

Do you want a shot to pitch onstage at the 15th Founder Showcase, along with other luminary investors like Mitch Kapor, Mike Maples Jr., and Thomas Korte? Then submit your one-sentence pitch today, and read the full rules of the CrowdPitch Competition at The deadline to submit is Tuesday morning PDT, May 13th. 

For tips on how to create a great one-sentence pitch, check Adeo's tips in the video above, and check out the Founder Institute's simple one-sentence pitch template at

Good luck!

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