15 Founder Institute Grads Now Getting Benefits of @Bizspark Plus Program

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-08-17

In January we announced a deeper relationship with our partner Microsoft BizSpark, called the BizSpark Plus Program, designed to provide high potential startups with additional offers, products and services from Microsoft.  

Since then, over 15 Founder Institute Graduates have been accepted into the BizSpark Program, and as a result they will receive up to $60,000 in Windows Azure Cloud services over the next two years. The accepted companies are;  



  • Aulanovus - Aulanovus develops learning and managent solutions that combines teaching and skills development. it sells software licenses in a SAAS model. The company is a Graduate of the Santiago Founder Institute. 
  • Kaliki -  Kaliki allows publishers to turn their printed content into audio content, increase their reach and distribution, and make more money. The company is a Graduate of the San Diego Founder Institute. 
  • CipherPoint Software - CipherPoint secures information in enterprise collaboration platforms. The company is a Graduate of the Denver Founder Institute.
  • Clip Labs - Clip lets users capture and showcase the experiences that they have together, whatever the event or activity. The company is a Graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. 
  • Ecobold - Ecobold is the "etsy" for natural and non-toxic household products. The company is a Graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. 
  • Embarke - Embarke builds developer tools for social communications across a variety of social networks and platforms. The company is a Graduate of the San Diego Founder Institute. 
  • Getable - Getable is the OpenTable for the rental industry. The company is a Graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. 
  • GRIDBLAZE - GRIDBLAZE is a new breed of infrastructure service that speeds up the web 2.0 world making file uploads and downloads uncommonly fast. The company is a Graduate of the Singapore Founder Institute. 
  • Revirda - Revirda is developing web and mobile software that helps taxi drivers find more work by predicting where passengers are waiting now and in future. The company is a Graduate of the Amsterdam Founder Institute. 
  • LawNovo - Lawnovo makes it easy for lawyers to connect with potential clients online. The company is a Graduate of the Washington D.C. Founder Institute. 
  • Logrado - Logrado develops a scalable student success platform that enables colleges to provide high-touch coaching that increases student retention rates. The company is a Graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. 
  • mCrumbs - mCRUMBS provides the best mobile museum app by enhancing the experience of museum visitors through augmented reality. The company is a Graduate of the Berlin Founder Institute. 
  • Paycento - Paycento is a patent pending online payment platform from 1 cent up where you can pay casually for digital content by using your social network identity or digital coins with both real and virtual currencies.  The company is a Graduate of the Brussels Founder Institute. 
  • Snappydesk - Snappydesk, is developing a transaction coordinator application to help real estate brokers, title offices, and banks to manage the documents, communications, and scheduling for their sales and purchases with a mobile, one-touch dashboard and automated alerts. The company is a Graduate of the Seattle Founder Institute. 
  • WebSLAM! - WebSLAM! is an automated digital marketing platform for small business. The company is a Graduate of the Chicago Founder Institute. 

There will be several offers from Microsoft through this program - the Windows Azure offer is just the beginning.

Congratulations to the companies, and thanks again to our great partner Microsoft BizSpark!

For more information, visit http://www.microsoft.com/BizSpark/Plus/Default.aspx. FI companies, see our special BizSpark sign-up link in the private section below. 

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