Quick Entrepreneurship Tips from Founder Institute’s Adeo Ressi on Pando

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-07-14

Our friends at PandoDaily just released a collection of short video interviews with well-known entrepreneurs that included Ben Horowitz, Harjeet Taggar, Jerry Weissman, Skip Battle, and the Founder Institute's very own Adeo Ressi

In the video below, Adeo shares how, at an early age, he realized that "he didn't like jobs," which ultimately led him to start his first company. Now on his eighth company, Adeo shares quick bits of advice for both first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs.

For experienced entrepreneurs, he boils down the root of most startup issues ("a lot of problems in startups boil down to two things: money, and people."), and encourages them to not procrastinate and skip the painful (yet necessary) requirements of the job. 

For new entrepreneurs, Adeo stresses the importance of properly researching and planning your business, and having a burning passion for your venture from the very begginning. As he puts it, "you better love what you're doing, because it is going to be brutal. You wouldn't treat an animal the way a founder gets beaten upon."

Be sure to watch the video below; 



See the original article and the rest of the video interviews here

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