Founder Institute Partners with @StartOut to Support LGBT Entrepreneurship

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-05-30

The Founder Institute is happy to announce the "StartOut LGBT Fellowship" - a program designed to foster entrepreneurship in the LGBT community by providing a free course fee to the best LGBT applicant. In order to apply for free, please visit There is no obligation, and anybody who applies to the Silicon Valley Founder Institute using this link by the deadline on Sunday, June 3rd is automatically eligible. 

StartOut is an organization dedicated to fostering and developing entrepreneurship within the LGBT community. They are helping to create the next generation of LGBT business leaders by helping aspiring entrepreneurs start new companies, helping current entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses, and engaging successful entrepreneurs as role models and mentors for less established entrepreneurs.

The "StartOut LGBT Fellowship" is not about providing special treatment - the majority of applicants to the Founder Institute do not get accepted, and this will always be the case because we employ a quantitative Predictive Admissions Test designed to remove all subjective forms of bias. This program is simply designed to grow the number of LGBT applicants, which will ultimately lead to more LGBT-founded technology companies across the globe. A similar program designed for female founders actually helped spur a 30% increase in female founders across the Founder Institute in just a few months time. 

Click here to apply to the Founder Institute today.

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