"How to Give a Killer Demo" Workshop Hosted by Founder Institute Partner Lifograph

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-04-07

The Silicon Valley Founder Institute is a proud partner of Lifograph, which is building the "Who's Who" of Silicon Valley and technology. With Lifograph, you can discover the timeline and connections of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and other people in tech. 

Are you looking to get users, sales, cofounders, partners or investors?

Lifograph is sponsoring a demo workshop based on the method developed by Peter Cohan, mentor at Stanford StartX accelerator and author of the book “Great Demo!”

The workshop is conducted by Sean Murphy, Peter Cohan’s partner. Sean’s specialty is to help startups get early customers and early revenue. He has served as an advisor to dozens of startups. Sean has given hundreds of workshops on how to give killer demos of products and apps.

Feel free to bring your laptop or phone and show a demo of your app or product. Pizza and drinks will be served.

To attend, please register here

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