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Inside FI: How to Raise the Right Money for Your #Startup by @m_evans

Posted by Amity Sims on 2012-05-04

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Coming to the decision to pursue funding is no easy matter, but it’s a piece of cake compared to the ominous beast of successfully securing funding. Knowing how to present yourself, your company, and your story can make all the difference. However, knowing when to push back and when to walk away from an investor can also prove critical to the process.

Mike Evans is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of GrubHub, a Chicago based company whose rapid growth has led to five rounds of investment funding totaling $84 million. Mike believes the secret lies in focusing your sights on getting the right money, telling your story well, and closing the deal.

Mike is a Mentor for the Chicago Founder Institute. Applications are due on Sunday, May 6th. Apply here to get expert training and feedback to launch a company in 2012. 

In this talk from the Founder Institute in Chicago, Mike shares his learned expertise in how to approach and engage with investors as well as how to view the benefits and brick sandwiches that come with every deal, though the numbers used are speculative and the expressed opinion of Mike alone. 

 If you like the video below, follow Mike on Twitter @m_evans

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