Inside FI: Know Where your #Startup is Going by @fredjoyal

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-03-23

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Fred Joyal built a company based on a clear vision of who he wanted to be as a businessman, and how he wanted the company to impact the world. According to Fred, “you need to have a simple vision and priority hierarchy for your startup” to build an enduring company. 

Fred Joyal was in lead generation long before it was called lead gen. He and a friend started 1-800-DENTIST back in 1986, and it remains the largest dentist referral service in the country.

In this talk from the Los Angeles Founder Institute, he talks candidly about his own successes and failures, and then details how you can unearth your own values and vision, and create a long-lasting business model.

If you like the video below, follow Fred on Twitter @fredjoyal.

SVFI June 8 Vision & Values Fred Joyal

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