Inside FI: Build your Product #UX with Empathy for the User by @dweekly

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-03-09

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Many products fail to gain user adoption because they are built from the perspective of a technologist with unnecessary complexities. As David Weekly explains in the video below, it’s important to “make the main thing people do with your product as simple as possible” to attract users and give them a feeling of confidence. 

David Weekly is the founder of  PBworks and the HackerDojo . He is also partner at,  and a cofounder of the SuperHappyDevHouse .  

In this talk from last year's San Francisco Founder Institute, David explains that the you need to build products with empathy for the user to create something that resonates. He discusses, minimalist design, how to make complex functionality discoverable, efficient product development, and user experience considerations. 


If you like the video below, follow David on Twitter at @dweekly.

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