Grad News Roundup: March 6th, 2012

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2012-03-06

Below is a roundup of Founder Institute Graduate news over the past week: 

  • @LetsLunch Makes Meeting VIPs as Easy as Lunch (LetsLunch): LetsLunch is streamlining the networking process by making it more personal, enjoyable, and meaningful.  The company, and its founder Syed Shuttari, are Graduates of the SiliconValley Founder Institute.   
  • FI Grad @Rentcycle Becomes Getable; Launches In-Store Management Platform For Rental Shops (TechCrunch):  Rentcycle, an online rental marketplace where consumers can search, compare and rent anything online, rebranded to Getable, and launched in-store management platform for shops that provide rentals. Read the full story on TechCrunch here. The company, and its founder Tim Hyer, are Graduates of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute.
  • FI Grad @Udemy ’s Faculty Project Nabs 50,000 students (Udemy): Udemy, a platform which enables anyone to take and build courses online, enlisted 50,000 students and an Ivy League professor after recently launching the Faculty Project to distribute streaming university curriculum online. Read the full article on GigaOm here. The company, and its co-founders Gagan Biyani and Eren Bali, are Graduates of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. 
  • FI Grad 's Platform Used to Build Alternative News Content Exchange ( The Association of Alternative Newsmedia recently launched the AltWeeklies Content Exchange using the platform to lets papers like the Boston Phoenix, or Oakland’s East Bay Express swap stories, photos, video, or other interactive multimedia to bolster their coverage of national news. is a platform that connects freelance media producers with news organizations. The company, and its founder Anton Gelman, are Graduates of the Washington DC Founder Institute.   
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