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Silicon Valley Grad Spikes featured on Businessweek, ZDNet, and The Street

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-03-12

Silicon Valley Grad Brandon Spikes, the founder of Spikes Security, has developed AirGap, a browser that prevents malware attacks at the browser, effectively eradicating 90% of cyber-attacks. The story was covered by Ashlee Vance on Bloomberg Businessweek in an article titled Want Safety While Using the Internet? Stash the Browser Somewhere Else.

Spikes learned about security technology while working alongside Elon Musk at a number of his ventures, including as the CIO of PayPal and SpaceX. The technology AirGap employs allows you to run a browser inside a Spikes Security data center, as opposed to running it directly on your PC, laptop, or mobile device. Anything dangerous that is clicked on will not harm your computer, as the browser software is running somewhere else, providing complete isolation from any malware.

The company's innovative technology has garnered ample press from numerous media outlets, including ZDNet and The Street. With over twenty corporate customers utilizing the AirGap browser, Spikes Security has generated considerable interest in the finance, film, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries, and is currently effectuating another round of funding.

For more information on Spikes Security, check out their official website.

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