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Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur at a Free Founder Institute Event

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-08-11

The Founder Institute hosts thousands of free startup events across the globe each year, in over 66 cities across six continents. These events are designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs improve their ideas and entrepreneurial skills, all in a low-pressure environment.

At Founder Institute events, you can meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs, get feedback on your ideas, come up with new ideas, recruit potential co-founders, and more. They are the perfect starting point for beginning your entrepreneurship journey. 

We have several events coming up in the next few weeks, which are listed below.  Don't see an event in your city? Then sign up for our Local Updates List, because chances are we will be in your city soon!

Here are our upcoming events: 

Date Time City Event
2014-08-12 6:30 PM Washington DC Startup Ideation Bootcamp
2014-08-13 5:30 PM Chicago Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur
2014-08-13 6:30 PM Brussels Identifying Good Business Ideas
2014-08-13 6:30 PM Orange County Founder Night Out
2014-08-13 6:30 PM San Jose Founder Institute Information Session
2014-08-18 6:30 PM Paris Startup Founder 101
2014-08-19 6:30 PM Washington DC Founder Institute Information Session
2014-08-21 6:30 PM Hamburg Startup Ideation Bootcamp
2014-08-26 5:30 PM Chicago Founder Institute Information Session
2014-08-26 6:30 PM Washington DC Startup Founder 101
2014-08-26 7:00 PM Berlin Startup Legal 101 (Part 2)
2014-08-27 6:30 PM Brussels Founder Institute Information Session
2014-08-27 6:30 PM Denver Should You Apply to a Startup Accelerator?
2014-08-27 7:30 PM Dhaka Founder Night Out
2014-09-02 6:30 PM Washington DC Startup Pitch Bootcamp
2014-09-02 6:30 PM Dhaka Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur
2014-09-03 5:30 PM Zagreb Startup Founder 101
2014-09-04 6:30 PM Madrid Founder Institute Madrid Information Session/ Sesión de Información sobre el Founder Institute en Madrid
2014-09-09 6:00 PM Chicago Founder Night Out
2014-09-09 6:30 PM Washington DC Founder Institute Information Session
2014-09-09 6:30 PM Dhaka Founder Institute Information Session
2014-09-09 6:30 PM Denver Startup Founder 101

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