Adeo Ressi Discusses Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Perth with Business News

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-03-05

The Founder Institute has helped launch seven companies in Perth since launching our first chapter in the Western Austrailia Capital in 2013. 

As we accept applications to our next Perth Semester, Adeo Ressi, Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute, sat down with Charlie Gunningham of the Western Australia Business News to discuss the opportunity for entrepreneurship in Perth. 

While Adeo is bullish on Perth's growth, he advised that collaboration, not competition, will be key to a continually growing ecosystem in the city; 

I think Perth could go one of two ways. It seems to have a flourishing ecosystem, but the players within it need to make a choice – they either collaborate and grow, or they will splinter and things will not develop so well.

It’s especially true if there is government money around. If people compete for these limited resources then the pace will be held back. I would urge those involved to get together and build the community" 

In addition, Adeo had some interesting thoughts on Silicon Valley as a startup ecosystem; 


The failure rate [in Silicon Valley] is actually worsening, not improving. I believe entrepreneurship is in crisis. Its popularity has brought many more people on board, but whereas 20 years ago perhaps 1/ 100 was a success, today only 1/ 5,000 seems to achieve success in a meaningful way. This is the reason I established the Founder Institute, of course, to try and improve this success rate" - Adeo Ressi

Read the full article on Business News: Founder Fired Up for Tech Success.

If you are looking to launch a company in Australia, then apply to the Founder Institute today. Applications are currently open in SydneyPerth and Melbourne. 


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Adeo Ressi Discusses Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Perth with Business News

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