FI Grad Kindara helps 10,000 women get pregnant, featured on Business Insider

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-02-25

Kindara was covered by Julie Bort on Business Insider in an article entitled This Couple's App Helped 10,000 Women Get Pregnant And They Say It Can Replace Birth Control Too.

Kindara, and its Co-Founders Kati Bicknell and William Sacks, are Graduates of the New York Founder Institute.

Released in 2012, Kindara is an app created by husband and wife team William Sacks and Katherine Bicknell. The app allows women to input intimate details about their bodies and tells them if they are ovulating. Based on the information given, women will know when to have sex to get pregnant, as well as when not to have sex to avoid pregnancy. Kindara also helps women identify hormone and thyroid problems, which in turn helps them and their doctors determine next steps.

We actually founded the company because we were looking for effective birth control that wasn't the pill. Kati had been on the pill for 10 years and she didn't like the side effects. She introduced me to the fertility awareness method and I was blown away by how little I understood about female fertility. I was actually outraged that I had never been taught how reproduction actually works." - William Sacks

Kindara's reputation has also recently earned them the top spot on the App Store's Free Medical Chart, further establishing their name in the women's repoductive health industry.

For more information on Kindara, go to

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