Are You Listening For Your Golden Nugget?

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-02-12

The Mentor Minute gives you exclusive startup video clips from the Founder Institute's worldwide network of 4,400+ mentors. For more Mentor Minutes, visit our Startup Founder 101 YouTube Channel

In this edition of the Mentor Minute, Adeo Ressi (CEO of the Founder Instituteexplains why it's imperative to listen and not argue when seeking out feedback on your ideas.

According to Adeo; 

"When you argue, you stop someone else from providing you feedback. They may have a train of thought, they may even give you the golden nugget of feedback. But, 'Boom!', train of thought lost." - Adeo Ressi

To actually hear feedback directly from Adeo, join him this week for his live, interactive Founder Hotseat webinar event. During this free online event, viewers will be able to pitch their business ideas and receive analysis and commentary from a Silicon Valley startup expert.

If you could benefit from expert training and feedback to launch a company, apply to the Founder Institute today. We are currently accepting applications to a special semester in Silicon Valley (led by Adeo Ressi), and many other cities worldwide




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