Inside FI: Raise $$ Now... While You Can by @msuster

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2011-06-18

At our 7th Founder Showcase, Mark Suster, Partner of GRP Partners and Writer of Both Sides of the Table, gave a great Keynote Speech titled "Getting Funded in a Frothy Market."

In the talk he goes on record saying that, "Duh, we're in a bubble," and that entrepreneurs need to get funding now so they can survive the cycle. In normal funding cycles, it can take 3-5 months to raise capital - but in this cycle "it seems like that's the number of days it takes." And, "When the hor dourve tray is passed, take two, and put a third in your pocket... You don't know when it will be back around." He goes on to describe the best methods to raise capital in this "frothy" market, because, "When the party ends, everybody goes home. But that's the most awarding time to be an entrepreneur - provided that you have money."

TechCrunch covered the talk here, or you can watch it below: 

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