Inside FI: Before and After the Institute [Video]

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2011-03-11

A lot of applicants are curious how the Founder Institute can help enrolled Founders take a rough idea and turn it into a business over a four month period. Watch the transformation for yourself.

Below are two videos of a Graduate in Silicon Valley giving a one minute pitch on the first day of the program, and then presenting their business with slides to a group of Mentors at the end of the program. You will also hear a lively debate from the Mentors and investors, including Phil Libin of Evernote and Russ Fradin of Dynamic Signal, on how to improve the business and the pitch. This type of feedback is provided throughout the program by Mentors and peers.

What do you think of these first results? Tell us with a Tweet: #FIgrowth1

What do you think of these second results? Tell us with a Tweet: #FIgrowth2

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