Inspired by Hurricane Sandy, BuilderBuzz Helps NY Homeowners Find Trustworthy Contractors

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2013-11-12

Remodeling and repair projects can easily be a homeowner's nightmare. Not knowing where to begin or how to find help can lead to botched DIY jobs or even worse - sketchy Craigslist contractors.

Fortunately, New York FI grad, BuilderBuzz, is here to help. Simply post your project and wait for an interested contractor to respond. Similar to Angie’s List and Yelp, the site allows you to compare contractors by looking at their profiles, work history, and reviews from previous customers.

Co-founders Michael Lisovetsky and David Khandrius were recently interviewed by AlleyWatch, talking about BuilderBuzz and what makes them a great option for contractors and homeowners.

Check out some highlights below, courtesy of AlleyWatch, and be sure to read the full article here.

What makes BuilderBuzz different?

“BuilderBuzz is unique because it is the first site where homeowners can post detailed descriptions of projects and receive bids from pre-screened and vetted contractors, straight to their inbox. Bids are sorted by price range and time frame and homeowners have access to the BuilderBuzz project management tool that ensures a smooth experience from contractor selection to project completion.”

Why did you launch in New York?

“The New York area offers a spectrum of homeowners who BuilderBuzz can access at once. New York is a densely populated metropolitan area with a mix of users who range from owners of single-family homes to leasers, leases, renters, and tenants. New York is also a hub to many start-ups and offers many resources and opportunities to entrepreneurs like us to learn from more mature start-ups. Hurricane Sandy offered the founding team insight into how cruel the home improvement process can really be.”

Read the full interview on AlleyWatch here.

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Inspired by Hurricane Sandy, BuilderBuzz Helps NY Homeowners Find Trustworthy Contractors

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