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Founder Institute Testing Demand For New York Winter 2013 Semester

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2013-11-15

The Founder Institute, the World's Largest Startup Accelerator, is currently testing demand to run a New York Semester for the Winter of 2013. 

In only 8.5 years of operation, over 2,300 graduate companies across 150 cities have used the Founder Institute to validate their idea, develop their plans, refine their product, build an advisory board, prepare for seed funding, and more. If you are interested in launching a company this Winter in New York, then fill out an Interest Form today.

The Founder Institute is a comprehensive, 4-month entrepreneur training and startup launch program. Without being required to quit their day jobs, promising startup entrepreneurs can “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. The Institute has helped launch over 2,300 new companies across 150 and six continents, and has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

The Institute will be hosting a number of free events in New York for people to meet local entrepreneurs and learn more about the program.

Leading the Founder Institute's efforts in New York are two leaders of the local startup scene; Gabe Zichermann and Justin Sherratt. Other local entrepreneurs who have committed to mentoring new entrepreneurs in the program include;

  • Adam Besvinick: Venture Capitalist, Deep Fork Capital
  • Adam Price: CEO, Homer Logistics
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Albert Balcells: SVP Software Engineering, Next Jump
  • Alberto Escarlate: CTO, Throwing Fruit
  • Alex Konrad: Staff Writer, Forbes Magazine
  • Alexander Volodarsky: Co-Founder, 90sFest
  • Alexis Beechen: CEO, The Drop
  • Ambrose Price Iii: Founder & CEO, Ambrose Madison
  • Andrew Lee: CEO, Esper
  • Andy Saldaña: Director of Operations, NY Tech Alliance
  • Angelique Mercurio: Founder & CEO, EnerKnol
  • Annalie Killian: Director, Human Networks, Sparks & Honey
  • Anthony Pompliano: Managing Partner, Full Tilt Capital
  • Anupam Kundu: Global Account Strategy and Growth, EPAM Systems Inc
  • Arsen Pereymer: Founder & Managing Partner, Appument Ventures
  • Ash Kaluarachchi: Director, StartEd Accelerator
  • Avi Yashchin: Interim CEO
  • Beatriz Helena Ramos: Founder , DancingDiablo,
  • Bonnie Halper: Founder, Startup One Stop
  • Boris Grinkot
  • Brian Frumberg: Founder, VentureOut
  • Brian Stuckey: Principal , CoVenture
  • Brian M Pasalich: National Practice Leader, AdvisorConnect
  • Bryan Janeczko: Founder, Wicked Start
  • Chamie Baldwin: Strategist, BGIN
  • Charlie Kim: Founder & CEO, Next Jump
  • Chris Brown: General Manager, NYU Data Future Lab
  • Chris Weibel: Director of Software Architectures, Next Jump Inc
  • CIGDEM A BINAL: Director, L-Spark/Wesley Clover
  • Conrad Egusa: Founder, Brownstein & Egusa
  • Cory Crosland: President, Croscon
  • Craig Kanarick: CEO , Mouth Foods
  • David Beatty: Managing Partner, Golden Seeds
  • David Teten: Partner, ff Venture Capital
  • David S. Rose: CEO, Gust
  • Dean Soukeras: Founder, Hustle Hero
  • Dimitris Kouvaros: Accelerator Director/VC, Newark Venture Partners
  • Dk Smith: Founder and leader, Angel week ny, Brooklyn innovation center
  • Elliot Furman: Principal, Patent Authority LLC
  • Emily Bell: Program Manager, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator
  • Eric Duffy: CEO, Pathgather
  • Francisco Chabran: Director, International Development, IE Business School
  • Gabe Zichermann: CEO, Onward
  • Glen Hellman: Glen Hellman - Business Strategist, Driven Forward, LLC (Baltimore FI) , Driven Forward, LLC
  • Haithem Elembaby: Co-Founder, Katalyst Live
  • Hans Kullberg: CEO & Founder, EconoCast
  • Howard Love: Founder & CEO, LoveToKnow
  • Hudson Gaines Ross: Founder, Rise Coffee
  • Jackie Trebilcock
  • Jacob Geffner: CEO, BuyMyOrder Inc
  • Jacob Krueger: Founder, Jacob Krueger Studio
  • James Gatto: Social Media and Games Team Leader, Sheppard Mullin
  • James Liao: Graduate Success Associate, Founder Institute NY
  • James Calhoun, Rehash Studio
  • Jason Shuman: Venture Capitalist, Corigin Ventures
  • Jeff Stewart: Founder & CEO, Lenddo
  • Jeff Wald: Founder and President, Work Market
  • Jeff Tompkins: Co-Founder, Advisor Connect
  • Jeff Silverman: Cofounder, Laconia Capital Group
  • Jennifer Love: CEO, One More Woman
  • Jesse Middleton: General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners
  • John Lynn: Co-Founder, Studio Project
  • John Matson: Digital Director, Voyager
  • John Federico: CEO, EventHero
  • Jonathan Hakakian: Managing Director, SoundBoard Angel Fund
  • Jordan Frey: Accountant, EisnerAmper
  • Jorge Torres: Managing Director, VenSeed
  • Joseph Jaffe: Founder & CEO, Evol8tion, LLC
  • Joseph Daniels: Partner, Co-Chair -- Venture Capital and Emerging Companies Group , McCarter & English, LLP
  • Justin Sherratt: Founder, Sortbox
  • Justin Dombrowski: Founder/Principal, Historiocity Tech
  • Justin Hauser: CEO, Life Capital
  • Justin Hendrix: Executive Director, NYC Media Lab
  • Kalyan Jakka: Software Engineering Manager, Next Jump
  • Katy Kasmai: Founder, Team Exponent
  • Kenneth Kay: Founder and Chairman, San Juan Tech Meetup
  • Kevin Siskar: Managing Director, Founder Institute NY
  • Lisa Morales-Hellebo: Founder, LMH Consulting
  • Luis Gonzalez: Co-Founder and Partner, Outbound Ventures
  • Marcos Polanco: CTO, Visor Labs
  • Mark Lee: Partner, Hokku PR
  • Mark Nikolsky: Partner, McCarter & English, LLP
  • Matt Mandell: Principal, Mandell Enterprises
  • Matt Rodak: Founder, Fund That Flip
  • Meghan Messenger: Co-Founder, Next Jump
  • Michael Solomon: Co-Founder, 10x Management
  • Michael Hoeppner: CEO, GK Training & Communications
  • Michael Diamant: CEO, Skip Hop
  • Michael Serotte: Founding Partner, Unshackled Fund
  • Michael Fiedel: Vice President of Strategy & Operations, Croscon
  • Michael Weiksner, Ph.D.: Chairman & Trustee, e-thePeople
  • Mike Lee: CEO, Studio Industries & The Future Market
  • Miloš Žikić: CEO, SpiceFactory
  • Nael Rasamny: Co-Founder and Partner, Outbound Ventures
  • Nathan Bashaw: Co-Founder & CEO, Hardbound
  • Nayan Busa: Co-head of Revenue Operations, Next Jump
  • Nga Nguyen: Founder,
  • Otis Ellis: Client Advisor, PNC Wealth Management
  • Patrick Mc Ginnis: Managing Partner, Dirigo Advisors
  • Patrick Lewis: Co-Founder, vLAB
  • Patrick Schoonveld: VP, Business Operations, Return Path
  • Paul Polizzotto: President and Founder, CBS EcoMedia
  • Paul Grossinger: Member, New York Angels
  • Pavel Asanov: CEO, PlayFitness
  • Peter Burakowski: Director of Marketing, 43 North
  • Phineas Ellis: Head of Brand Marketing, Jack Erwin
  • Ramphis Castro: Co-Founder, ScienceVest
  • Rob Principe: Founder & CEO, Scratch Music Group, Inc.
  • Robin Baudreau: Grand Facilitator at Kworq, Kworq
  • Rosemarie Truman: Founder and CEO, The Center for Advancing Innovation
  • Sarah Hinawi: Resident, TED
  • Scott Heiferman: CEO, Meetup
  • Sean Apparicio
  • Sebastian Vidal: Executive Director, Parallel18
  • Shahab Kaviani: Co-Founder, Chief Entrepreneurs Office, CoFoundersLab
  • Shana Dressler: Executive Director, Google's 30 Weeks
  • Shaun Johnson: cofounder, Studio Project
  • Stefano Tresca: Founder, iSeed
  • Steffan Bankier: Co-Founder, Public House
  • Steven Krein: CEO, OrganizedWisdom
  • Sumeet Shah: Senior Associate, Brand Foundry Ventures
  • Tereza Nemessanyi: EIR and Chief Troublemaker, Microsoft Startups
  • Terry Young: Founder and CEO, Sparks & Honey
  • Thatcher Bell: Managing Partner, CoVenture
  • Tom Fuller: CIO, Next Jump
  • Tony Jenkins: Executive Coach, Catapult
  • Veronica Guzman: Founder | Innovation Catalyst, WAMVentures
  • Vicente Dy Reyes: Founder & CEO, mise en place
  • Vince Scafaria: CEO, DotAlign
  • Xuelan Zhang: Lead Software Engineer, Next Jump, Inc.
  • Yin Lin: Co-Founder, SheWorx
  • Zosia Ulatowski, Cornerstone Ventures


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