Last Chance to Apply to the First-Ever Bangkok Founder Institute

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2013-11-30

Join us this Winter and launch a company with the Bangkok Founder Institute!

Sunday (2015-04-19) is the Final Application Deadline for the Winter 2013 Bangkok Founder Institute. If you or someone you know could benefit from expert training and feedback to launch a technology startup in Bangkok, then click here to apply today.

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. Plus, aspiring founders are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can begin building a business around their ideas without putting their livelihood at risk. 

The 4-month program will be meeting on Monday evenings from December 10 to March 26, and will be led by local leaders Benjamin Ranck (CTO, Jetabroad), Charle Charoenphan (MD, Hubba Co., Ltd.), and Krating Poonpol (Strategic Advisor to CMODTAC).

Helping our founders in Bangkok with critical feedback and guidance are;

  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Ahmed Mhiri: CEO, TravelerCar
  • Alain Meller: Founder, NovaXone
  • Alain Baritault: Alain Baritault - CoFounder (Paris FI), Cités Numériques
  • Alain Revah: Founder and Managing Partner, Internet Ventures
  • Alain Garnier: CEO & Co-Founder, Jamespot
  • Alain Raynaud: CEO, FairSoftware
  • Alex Berger: Founder & President , ENTJOY SAS, THE OLIGARCHS PRODUCTIONS sarl, MM&I
  • Alexandra Pottier: partner, Brunswick Société D'Avocats
  • Alexandre Steiner: Managing Partner, OiO Ventures
  • Alexandre Debaecker: CEO, Consoleo
  • Aline Hemmo: Consultant, Pilsoft
  • Andrew Weinreich: CEO, MeetMoi
  • Ash Maurya: Founder & CEO, Spark59
  • Audrey Soussan: Principal, Ventech
  • Aymard De Scorbiac: Secrétaire Général BU Entrepreneurs & PME, Mazars
  • Benoit Bazzocchi: Fondateur et CEO,
  • Bruno Levy: CEO, Value Logic
  • Cédric Naintré: Founder, Range-Moi
  • Cedric Giorgi: Head of Startup Relations, SIGFOX
  • Chaïb Martinez: CEO, Zyyne
  • Christophe Cremer: President,
  • Clement Cezard: Chief Business Development Officier, Deezer
  • Cynthia Traeger: CEO, Pacific Siren International LLC
  • Edouard Morhange: CEO,
  • Eric Kalfon: MD, Strategic Value Partners
  • Eric Moret: Technologist, Palo Alto Networks
  • Eric Salomon: Founder, Salomon & Cie
  • Eric Courtin: CEO, Trilogiq
  • Fairouz Guedira Courtin: Founder, Interhorizon
  • Florence Servan Schreiber: Directrice Générale Optimiste, Essentia Conseils
  • Francois Mazoudier: Francois Mazoudier - Managing Partner, Tech Leaders Capital (Paris FI) , Tech Leaders Capital
  • François Deltour: CEO, Effiliation
  • Frederic Assemat: Founder,
  • Gilles Rouvier: Managing Partner
  • Gilles Betthaeuser
  • Harry Gozlan: Executive Chairman, smartTrade Technologies
  • Hervé Gonay: CEO, Get+
  • Ismael Nzouetom: CEO, I-DISPO
  • Jean Marie Chauvet: Managing Partner, LC Capital
  • Jerôme Blanchon: CEO, Bizdev Conseil
  • Jim Franklin: CEO, SendGrid
  • Joe Betts Lacroix: Co-Founder, OQO
  • José Senent: CEO,
  • Justin Wilcox: Founder, Customer Development Labs
  • Laurent Vieille: VP Products, Jade-i
  • Marc Sudreau
  • Marcos Polanco: CEO, Clearshore
  • Marine Huber: Analyst, Omnes Capital (Prev Credit Agricole Private Equity)
  • Mathias Flattin: Directeur Adjoint, Siparex
  • Maxime Wagner: CMO, Captain Contrat
  • Maximilien Oursel: Partner, Pléiade Venture
  • Michel Sassano: Associate, Kima Ventures
  • Morgane Rollando: CEO, Synerfia
  • Nicolas Roux: CEO, Aspectize
  • Nicolas Guermont
  • Odile Vaicbourdt: COO, Palico
  • Philippe Beauregard: Managing Partner, Brunswick Law Firm
  • Philippe Herbert: Partner, Banexi Ventures
  • Philippe Wagner: Dir Commercial, Captain Contrat
  • Philippe Coste
  • Pierre Beyssac: Co-Founder, GANDI
  • Pierre Gielen: CTO, Captain Contrat
  • Pierre-Antoine Durgeat: Product Manager, Novacodex
  • Raphaël Pierquin: Associate, /ut7
  • Romain Barbet: CEO, Pixopolitan
  • Ronan Amicel: Founder, Pocket Sensei
  • Saad El Garrab: Start-Up Program Manager
  • Sebastien Sacard: Consultant Product Management
  • Sébastien Brochet: CTO & Founder, Cloudenza
  • Simon Ferniot: Co-founder and Chairman, BIOGROUPE
  • Stéphane Dieutre: Consultant et coach
  • Sylvain Poisson: relations institutions et écosystèmes, SOGEDEV
  • T.A. Mccann: CEO, Gist
  • Thibauld Favre: CEO, AllMyApps
  • Thierry Ferey
  • Tommy Jarnac: Founder, SaaS Foundry
  • Tyler Crowley: Tyler Crowley - Founder & CEO, Skweal (Paris FI), Skweal
  • Yannick Levy: VP, Parrot
  • Yves Peynaud: Entrepreneur & Consultant, YP Consulting

In only 5 years of operation, over 1,563 graduate companies across 92 cities have used the Founder Institute to validate their idea, develop their plans, refine their product, build an advisory board, prepare for seed funding, and more.

We hope you will join us in Bangkok and launch a company in 2013.


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