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2015-01-29: by Jonathan Greechan

These are the full set of Class F incorporation documents for a startup based in Delaware.

Certificate of Incorporation

Founders should read. The Institute has created a new class of common stock to protect founders, "Class F." The stock offers Founders a suite of protective provisions, 2:1 Board votes per Founder versus normal Board Members, and 10:1 share votes as compared to normal common. Participating Class F shares vest monthly without a cliff to act as compensation for founding teams, and "single trigger acceleration" allows one Founder to leave without hurting co-Founders.

FFI-Form of Certificate of Incorporation


Founders should read. The customized guidelines to operate the company, including paying dividends, etc.

FII - Form of Bylaws

Stock Purchase Agreement

Founders should read. The following document compliments the Form of Incorporation above.

FFI-Form of Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement

Action by Incorporator

Required authorization form to set-up the Bylaws and the Board of Directors.

FII - Form of Action by Incorporator

Adoption of ByLaws

Required authorization to adopt the Bylawys.

FII - Form of Certificate of Adoption of Bylaws

Stockholder Consent

Stockholder authorization of an Employee Stock Option plan and other logistics.

FII - Form of Initial Stockholder Consent

Board Consent

Board authorization of corporate logistics.

FII - Form of Initial Board Consent


Indemnification form for the Board of Directors.

FII - Form of Indemnification Agreement

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