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Vision and Values

Lima 2013 Semester

What are you passionate about? What is your vision? How do you translate your passion and vision into a business idea? How do you brainstorm ideas? What are the tools for evaluating your ideas? What are the makings of a good idea versus a bad idea? Should you pursue multiple ideas at once, and when should you focus on one?

Develop your vision and ideas.
2013-05-01, 05:30 AM


Ludmila Volodina

Master en Administración de Negocios (MBA) Magna Cum Laude, Escuela de Postgrado de la Universidad de Lima. Master of Science in Engineering e Ingeniero de Sistemas, Universidad Politécnica de Donetsk (Ucrania). Profesora principal en la Facultad de Ingeniería de Sist...

Rolando Cruzado
President & Founder, PDMA Peru

Rolando Cruzado is Dr. and Founder at the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) in Peru, the biggest association focus in innovation and product development worlwide, Knowledge Management Coord. and member of the Global Innovation Committee at PwC, experienc...

Carsten Korch

Originally from Denmark, Carsten returned to Peru in 2002. He started in 2005 and in 2013, among other ventures in Peru. Before this, Carsten has worked in tourism, living in France, Sicily and the U.S., and promoted bands like Metallica,...

Cesar Zevallos
CEO & Founder, Asix S.A.

Cesar A. Zevallos Heudebert is an Economist from Universidad de Lima. - CEO & Founder of Asix an interactive media consultant company in Peru since 1993. - Founder of the Red Científica Peruana RCP (Peruvian Scientific Network) the first peruvian ISP since 1993. - Ma...

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