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Vision and Values

Sydney Autumn 2012 Semester

What are you passionate about? What is your vision? How do you translate your passion and vision into a business idea? How do you brainstorm ideas? What are the tools for evaluating your ideas? What are the makings of a good idea versus a bad idea? Should you pursue multiple ideas at once, and when should you focus on one?

Develop your vision and ideas.
2012-08-21, 06:30 PM


Pete Cooper
Founder, The Start Society

Pete Cooper is founder of The Start Society. Pete is a passionate advocate for the Australia tech startup ecosystem. Founder of Sydstart, The Start Society, Cooper & Co and more. Cofounder. Angel investor. Experienced innovator and investor in financial technology (ASX, M...

Paul Chan
CEO, pureprofile

Paul is CEO of pureprofile, a consumer web service that enables individuals to build their own profile. Paul has raised capital from some of the largest institutions, developed a proprietary technology platform to run pureprofile and built an impressive company cultu...

Sebastien Eckersley Maslin
CEO, BlueChilli

Sebastien runs BlueChilli - a "Venture Technology" company that builds and invests in digital start-ups by providing technology rather than cash. Through BlueChilli, Eckersley-Maslin is currently launching a new online business every month and is opening incubators in Syd...

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