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Vision and Values

Fall 2011 Hanoi Semester

What are you passionate about? What is your vision? How do you translate your passion and vision into a business idea? How do you brainstorm ideas? What are the tools for evaluating your ideas? What are the makings of a good idea versus a bad idea? Should you pursue multiple ideas at once, and when should you focus on one?

Develop your vision and ideas.
2011-10-31, 06:30 PM


Hiep Do
Co-CEO, WePro

Hiep Do Co-CEO, WePro and Vice President, Business Strategy of IDG Ventures Vietnam. Prior to IDG Ventures, Hiep worked for more than 12 years in the telecommunications industry, in a variety of multi-cultural environments. He was involved in major projects in all the...

Nam Nguyen Thanh
Co-Founder & Ex-CEO, FPT Corporation

Former CEO of FPT Corporation, CEO of FPT Software. Co-founder of FPT Corporation, more than 22 years of experience in software industry. PhD (mathematics), Moscow State University.

Diep Nguyen Ngoc
Founder & CEO,

Founder & CEO,, leading ecommerce company. Investors include IDG Ventures Vietnam, CyberAgent Ventures, Mitsui.

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