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Osborne Clarke

We provide insightful and effective legal service to meet our clients' advisory, litigation and transactional needs. We help our clients gain competitive advantage in an international business environment that is reshaping to meet new digital, economic, environmental and political challenges.

Team and Advisors

Munich Autumn 2014 Semester

How do you find the right team to launch your company? How do you identify the right set of advisors? How do you manage your advisors? What are responsibilities and compensation for advisors? How do you identify the right roles to help you launch a product or offering? Do you expect the roles to change over time? How can recruit people to fill roles when you have limited resources? What metrics do you track when recruiting? Do you need a cofounder? What are some common pitfalls with cofounder? Is a team necessary to launch a company?

Recruit your first team members.
2015-01-12, 06:30 PM


Martin Reents
CEO, Hetras AG

Martin founded and grew Conject AG and is currently CEO at Hetras GmbH.

Oleg Lola
CEO & Founder, MobiDev

Oleg is a business manager and a mobile developer, has a nine-year experience in the IT sphere. He founded MobiDev in 2009 which he now runs from Atlanta, USA. Oleg regularly speaks at notable international IT conferences like CeBIT, Droidcon, HTML5DevConf, Mobile App Eur...

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