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Israel 2012 Semester

What market are you pursuing? Is the target market big enough? Is it growing or shrinking? What are the other characteristics of your market, and why do you care? How do you find data on your market? How do you define your competitors? What are inexpensive tactics to do custom market research, such as surveys? How can you determine if you can win in your target market, and when do you decide to walk away?

Choose your business and market.
2012-06-04, 06:30 PM


Boaz Zilberman
CEO, Project-RAY (previously Founder at Fring)

Boaz is the founder and CEO at Project-RAY, which provides mobile assisted services for the blind, and the founder and chief software architect at Fring, a pioneering company in VOIP. He has previously held roles as the founder and CEO of ExpertCall, director of product ...

Aaron Rothenberg
Managing Partner, Hitech Strategies Ltd.

I am heading a small business strategy consulting firm focused on technology companies of all stages.We are based in Tel Aviv with a great team of 12 members and do strategic consulting, business planning, and investment process management for start-ups as well as large h...

Adeo Ressi
Founder/CEO, Founder Institute

Adeo Ressi is the founder and CEO of the Founder Institute, the world's largest startup-technology company accelerator. The Institute is the eighth startup that Mr. Ressi has founded or built, four of which were acquired and three of which are still operating. Mr. Ressi...

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